Lucid Dreaming - What is It?

Lucid dreaming is being aware that you're dreaming.

Sometimes the lucidity is triggered by a bizarre or impossible event in the dream that causes you to understand that it isn't reality.

Other times you may simply realize you're in a dream.

What makes lucid dreaming remarkable is that you acquire a type of waking consciousness that's not accessible during regular dreaming.

And it's that element of consciousness that makes lucid dreaming so fascinating.

In normal dreams, you can't control your thoughts, judgments, or actions; you're like a puppet in a play.

But in lucid dreams, you can view the situation from the outside, even while you're experiencing the action in it.

Many people find that they can easily affect the course of their lucid dreams, while others have to practice to acquire this skill.

Developing your skill at lucid dreaming can enable you to change the course of a nightmare by consciously altering the disturbing characters and events.

The ability to remember your dreams in detail (which is also an acquired skill) is linked to the ability to control lucid dreams.

Some people hone their lucid dreaming skills, because they enjoy experiencing dream awareness and using it to do impossible things like flying.

Often they begin by concentrating on the intention to dream about a certain thing while they fall asleep.

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