Color Therapy for Insomnia?

Color therapy (technically known as "chromatherapy") involves the use of color to treat some health conditions and enhance overall wellness.

Although it may sound odd, the use of color as a health remedy goes back several centuries - from ancient color based chakra-energy healing practices to modern full-spectrum light treatments for seasonal affective disorder.

Color therapy is also sometimes used to treat sleep problems.

But how does it work?

Color is a property of light, which is made up of different waves of energy.

When light falls on the photoreceptor cells in the retina of your eye, the light is converted into electrical impulses.

These impulses then travel to your brain, where they trigger the release of hormones that affect your nervous system.

Researchers have demonstrated that red hues stimulate the adrenal glands, raising blood pressure and pulse rate. In contrast, blue and white hues induce a calming, relaxing effect on the nervous system.

Scientists have used controlled pulses of colored light to treat insomnia and promote conditions that are conducive to restful sleep.

While pulsing colored light therapy should be practiced only by licensed health care professionals, you can use other forms of color therapy safely at home.

For an hour or so before going to bed, try surrounding yourself with soothing blues and whites. Sit in a darkened room lighted only by a blue lava lamp or blue fiber-optic lamp.

When you get in bed, close your eyes and visualize everything you can think of that's blue - the sky, the sea, a cozy blue blanket … zzzzzzzzz.

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