Do You Dream in Color, or in Black and White?

There has been a long-standing debate as to whether humans dream in color, or in black and white.

Although scientific sleep studies indicate that we dream in color, it's certainly possible to dream in black-and-white or even sepia tones.

Depending on what information and imagery the brain uses for the visual aspect of a dream, humans are capable of dreaming in any possible combination of colors.

Also, certain drugs and medications may alter or enhance the sleeper's perception of dream colorization.

However, researchers say that out of thousands of dream laboratory studies, there has not been one instance of a black and white dream being recalled by the sleeper.

In fact, most dream-lab subjects report clearly and in great detail about the colors appearing in their dreams.

Why then do many people think dreams occur only in black and white?

Scientists say that's probably because we don't remember our dreams very well.

The clarity of dream recall depends not only on the person's sleeping conditions, but even more importantly on his waking conditions, and how soon he thinks back through the details of the dream.

When they're not recalled in detail immediately, dreams and their colors fade quickly into elusive memories - much like vintage photographs.