a Cup of Cozy on a Cold Winter's Night

Cup of Cozy

Let's all do ourselves a favor and declare January Hot Chocolate Month. Doesn't hot chocolate deserve a month all its own? Isn't that the least we can do, considering everything that hot chocolate does for us? And to help you celebrate this newly declared national holiday, we've found the perfect white stoneware mugs from Crate and Barrel. The cups stack for easy storage and feature gleaming, rich chocolate-brown interiors… which, if you squint just right, can make a cup of hot chocolate almost look like it's bottomless. Try not to get too dizzy with delight at the thought.Know someone who'll accept any excuse to celebrate chocolate?
In the newest issue of Real Simple, the magazine's taste-testers turned their taste buds to hot chocolate mixes. They compared over 40 varieties of hot cocoas and hot chocolates. Hot chocolates typically have real pieces of chocolate in addition to cocoa powder in them, while hot cocoas are sweetened cocoa. They broke the competitors down into categories by price and picked their winners.